Our farm

We have a mission: to ensure that future generations have a healthy territory and rich biodiversity.

A litte utopian? Prehaps, but we like to think that all goals, even the most distant ones, are achievable.
The important thing is to proceed step by step and always do our best.

Here, in the countryside of Sona, we take care of the environment and value the territory that surrounds us in many different ways.

On one hand, we welcome you to our countryside cottage and offer “slow” holidays surrounded by green.

On the other hand, we transform the fruits that nature gives us by creating numerous artisan products, from jams, to chutneys, passing through wine, and we are committed to doing so in an ethical and sustainable way.

 We organize tastings and guided tastings to discover more about all our products.


Sustainable wine

Since 2020, we have changed our approach to agricolture and today all out 25 hectares of vineyards are grown according to the rules of organic-regenerative agricolture.

What is it about?

It involves using green techniques such as cover crops, composting, and biological control to increase biodiversity and improve soil quality.

Only a fertile and healthy soil guarantees strong vines, healthy clusters, and good wines.

All chemicals and harmful interventions are obviously banned.


Jams and chutneys


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